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    As a newlywed, this month’s Expat Ladies makeover, Claire Newman, is about to embark on a whole new season of life. As a senior finance manager for Tesco Lotus, Claire has [...]
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    Acupuncture and IVF

    Infertility has increased significantly in the past decade. Some people argue that this sharp incline is due to modern day living, with many couples conceiving in later years [...]
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    How to get moving again

    Do you ever think back and say to yourself, “I used to be fit back in the day…what happened?” As time goes on, deadlines, children and worrying about others [...]
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    It’s not the gym, it’s the trainer

    The fitness world, courtesy of its nature, is a competitive one. Nowadays, it can seem like there is a gym opening up on every street corner, and the choice as to which one [...]
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    Her visas…

    No, not her Visa credit card; that is another and altogether more gruesome story. Her visas allowing her to travel in other countries. She (Intrepid Traveller or IT) is a [...]



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    Table for one

    July 28, 2014

    I frequently find myself alone in the city wanting a little refreshment and recuperation. Here’s my pick of the top central cafés and eating spots where it feels fine to [...]
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